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Sinokle Visits Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology for Exchange

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On April 13, 2024, Mr. Jian Jaylen the General Manager of SinokleTechnology, was invited to visit Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology for exchange. Professor Chen Jiaqing, a member of the Party Committee, Vice President, and doctoral supervisor of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, warmly welcomed Mr. Jian. Both parties had a relaxed and friendly discussion, extensively exploring various aspects such as research cooperation, university-enterprise collaboration, talent cultivation, and student employment.

Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology, as a well-known domestic university specializing in petrochemical engineering, possesses strong research capabilities and advantages in technical talents. It has cultivated a large number of outstanding talents for the national energy and chemical industry as well as the economic and social development of the capital. Professor Chen Jiaqing has been engaged in research work in areas such as mechanical design and theory, new material connection forming, petroleum and natural gas gathering and purification, and environmental equipment design and development for a long time. He has rich experience and profound insights into scientific and technological innovation in the petrochemical field.

Mr. Jian introduced Sinokle Technology and its development. Sinokle is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to innovation and application of sewage treatment technology, and committed to energy conservation and environmental protection. It is a specialized and innovative company focusing on the petroleum refining field for nearly 10 years. The company has obtained four invention patents and more than 20 utility model patents related to sewage treatment. It has developed over 20 sewage treatment technologies and products with international leading levels, centered around CDFU and CDOF, garnering favorable customer reputation and engineering performance in the challenging industrial sewage treatment field.

During the exchange, Professor Chen introduced the research achievements and laboratory equipment of the college in the fields of petrochemical equipment and environmental engineering. He expressed high recognition for Sinokle Technology's technology and products in the field of oily wastewater treatment. Both parties agreed that through cooperation, resources could be better integrated to promote the transformation and industrialization of research results, facilitate talent cultivation, and jointly contribute to the cause of environmental protection.

After the discussion, General Manager Jian Xiaowen visited the laboratories of Beijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology. The laboratories were well-equipped and tidy, showcasing the college's strong research capabilities. He engaged in in-depth discussions with the laboratory researchers, sharing Sinokle Technology's technology and experience in the field of oily wastewater treatment. Both parties conducted preliminary discussions on the specific direction and plans for future cooperation.

Through this exchange, both parties deepened their mutual understanding, explored cooperation areas, and laid the foundation for future collaboration. Sinokle Technology will continue to uphold the concept of innovative cooperation, collaborate with more universities and research institutions, and jointly promote environmental protection and energy conservation efforts. It aims to contribute to the construction of a beautiful China.

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