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Core Technology & Application of Water Treatment in Sinokle

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1.Ultrafine Micro-Nano Bubbles Generation Technology

A micro-nano bubble generation system designed for efficient dissolution, release, mixing as the core equipment.

After years of research and on-site practice, Sinokle has developed a solution for dissolved gas, stable control and efficient release based on the German EDUR cyclonic dissolved gas pump, a proprietary and special precision gas flow control system and a high-efficiency dissolved gas release device. Micro-nano bubble generation technology. This system organically combines a cyclone dissolved gas pump, a stabilizing tank, a precision gas flow control device, a high-efficiency dissolved gas release device, a pressure transmitter, a flow transmitter, a pump protection system, etc. to ensure the production of small-scale and evenly distributed gas. Micro-nano bubbles simultaneously maintain the stability, safety, and fully automated operation of the dissolved air system.

Application:Petroleum, refining and Chemical

2.Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Multi-Catalytic Oxidation Technology

Homogeneous catalyst: Efficient and rapid hydroxyl (-OH) generation technology

Heterogeneous catalyst: synthesis of a variety of active metal oxides, 

high porosity microporous molding technology, hydrophilic modification anti-pollution, anti-clogging technology

Process: Efficient dosing, reaction and regeneration system

Application:Electric Power, Metallurgy

3.Special Material Super Hydrophilic Modification Technology

Utilizing Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technology, conducting surface modification and enhancement of materials, 

featuring high density, shape retention, precise atomic-level thickness control, and extensive uniformity over large areas.

Application:Medicine, Printing and Dyeing

4.Hypergravity Enhanced Mass Transfer and Demulsification Separation Technology

Using vortex flow and high-frequency vibration as the core technological platform, integrated with other core technologies, 

to develop an efficient purely physical demulsification separation technique.

Application:Municipal: Leachate from waste, black and odorous water in rivers, etc.

Shenzhen Sinokle's innovative water treatment technologies offer promising solutions to address the challenges of water pollution and scarcity. With ongoing research and development, these advancements will continue to contribute to sustainable water management practices globally.

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