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Deep treatment process for oil storage water

Product Detail

    Process Flow

    Process Introduction

    The wastewater after oil tank cleaning contains a large amount of pollutants such as oil, COD, BOD, etc. Simple oil separation processes cannot meet the Grade III discharge standards of the "Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standards" (GB8978-1996), leading to environmental pollution. Our company has adopted an internationally pioneering integrated solution with the core technology of CDOF and CDFU, achieving stable effluent that meets the standards for oilfield reinjection water, and receiving praise from domestic and foreign customers.

    Process Characteristics

    The technical features of the process solution are as follows:

    • Utilizes modular design to reduce footprint and weight, achieving a compact equipment layout.

    • Meets requirements for automation control and convenient operation, employing an automated design to minimize manual operation steps and reduce operational intensity, ensuring user-friendly equipment operation.

    • Two-stage CDFU for pure physical separation of aviation oil, achieving efficient oil recovery.

    • Uses CDOF to effectively reduce COD and ensure water quality compliance.

    • Incorporates corrosion-resistant materials, with liquid-contact parts made of stainless steel.

    • Strives for optimal economic efficiency, stability, and operational robustness while maintaining water quality compliance.

    Process Index

    Water quality index projectGrease trap waterTreated effluent (integrated water discharge standard GB8978-2002 tertiary standard)

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