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Crude Oil Tank Area Water Cutting Treatment

Product Detail

    Process flow

    Process Characteristics

    1. 1.Short process flow, compact equipment structure, occupying minimal space.

    2. 2. Strong impact resistance, stable operation, capable of withstanding significant fluctuations in water quality.

    1. 3.Purely physical separation technology, stable, reliable, and highly efficient in oil removal (exceeding 95%).

    2. 4.Modularization, automated operation, simplified maintenance, short construction cycle, feasible for online implementation.

    3. 5.Agent-free physical emulsion breaking for oil removal, direct oil recovery for reuse in crude oil tanks, avoiding secondary pollution, and eliminating the generation of oily sludge (hazardous waste), resolving environmental challenges while generating economic benefits.

    Process Index


    Technical Requirment

    Oil content(mg/L)


    Water intake index



    Effluent index



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