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High-Efficient Coalescing Pressure Degreaser

Product Detail

    Product Introduction

    Our company's patented technology products use the principle of coarse granulation, shallow pool principle and CFD simulation tools to optimize the internal space and structure of the tank. By strategically configuring the internal flow patterns, it achieves the rapid aggregation, coalescence, flotation (or settling), and separation of oil droplets or suspended particles in water.

    The inside of the tank is composed of the inlet pre-separation area, the initial separation area and the main separation area. The inlet pre-separation area is composed of a specially designed swirl separation device. The initial separation area and the main separation area are respectively filled with coalescated fillers of different specifications.



    Medium temperature(℃)


    System Depressurization(MPa)


    Processing medium

    Oily sewage

    Oil removal rate


    Technical Advantages

    1. Compact structure, small area of footprint, high oil removal efficiency (>90%);

    2. The internal packing utilizies patented structural design, optional stainless steel or reinforced PP material, high strength, long service life;

    3. Specially designed sand washing and silt discharge device, the filler is not blocked, the equipment is not blocked;

    4. Fully enclosed automated operating under pressure, stable operation, safe and reliable.

    Efficient coalescing internals

    • Specially designed sand flushing system

    According to the sediment situation, a reasonable sand flushing system is designed to wash in time to prevent the blockage inside the tank and the filler and keep the treatment effect stable.

    • Automatic interface and liquid level control to ensure low water content at the oil outlet.

    Precise control of liquid-liquid boundary level can be achieved by precise liquid-liquid boundary level meter or gas-liquid level meter.

    Application Field

    Oilfield produced liquid, Comprehensive treatment of oily wastewater in oilfield production, treatment of oily wastewater in refining and chemical plants

    Application Case

    Petrochemical Electric Desalting and Water Cutting Treatment(Two--stage CDFU+Coalescing Degreaser)

    Petrochemical Electric Desalting and Water Cutting Treatment(Coalescing Degreaser+CDFU)

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