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High-Efficiency Coalescing Oil-water Separator

Product Detail

    Product Introduction

    High-efficiency agglomerative oil-water separator utilizes coarse-graining technology and the shallow pool principle. It optimizes the internal flow field through CFD simulation, employing specially designed patented fillers and a rational layout of separation areas to significantly enhance the oil-water separation efficiency. The bottom of the equipment is equipped with specially designed sand flushing pipelines, ensuring thorough flushing and greatly improving the equipment's resistance to blockages. This design ensures stable operation and longer maintenance intervals.

    Technological Advantage

    Bi-directional flow design and CFD optimization result in a compact structure with a small footprint (only 50% of traditional designs).

    Efficient agglomerative internals ensure a smaller particle removal size and shorter residence time (30% of traditional separators), achieving high oil removal efficiency (>90%).

    Internals are made of stainless steel, duplex steel, reinforced PP, etc., offering high strength and long service life.

    Special internal structure design prevents sand accumulation and clogging.

    Fully enclosed automatic operation ensures stable and reliable performance.

    Application Case


    Industrial Equipment


    Raw Water     Outlet Oil Outlet Water

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