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HCC High-Efficiency Cyclonic Coalescer

Product Detail

    Product Introduction

    Through the organic combination of ultra-hydrophobic oleophilic coalescing fiber materials, cyclonic centrifugal separation technology, wet coalescence, collision coalescence, and barrier filtration, efficient demulsification of emulsified oil, rapid interception, and separation of suspended solids are achieved.

    Product Feature

    Modular design for filter cartridges, facilitating easy and rapid replacement;

    Short residence time (<3min), minimal footprint, adaptable for modular installation;

    Filter cartridge lifespan of 2~5years, 2~5 times longer than that of traditional coalescing cores;

    Special modified ultra-hydrophobic oleophilic fiber material, resistant to breakage, aging, and corrosion;

    Fully enclosed and automated operation, ensuring safety, environmental friendliness, and minimal human intervention;

    Removal of emulsified oil with small particle size (complete removal of emulsified oil above 0.1μm), high efficiency in emulsified oil removal;

    High resistance to impurities, effectively eliminating suspended solids, overcoming the clogging issues common in traditional filter coalescers, exhibiting strong adaptability.

    Application Case


    Industrial Equipment           

      Inet Water            Outlet Water

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