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Polymer Injection Block Oilfield Reinjection Water Treatment

Product Detail

    Process Flow

    Process Introduction

    Polymer Injection Block Oilfield Reinjection Water Treatment is characterized by a high polymer content, high viscosity, high oil content, and strong emulsion stability. The traditional "three-stage + air flotation" treatment process shows poor performance in treating wastewater containing polymers and generates a significant amount of oily sludge. The above process is a newly developed treatment process by our company based on the characteristics of wastewater containing polymers.

    Through the CDOF device, this process rapidly breaks down the large-molecule polymers in the water, significantly reducing the viscosity of the wastewater, thereby improving the efficiency of the downstream treatment. Simultaneously, it addresses the problem of high-molecular-weight polymers causing filter media clogging in the backend filters. The CDFU device utilizes microbubble demulsification to quickly remove floating oil, emulsified oil, and suspended solids from the water. The treated water enters the reinjection water buffer tank after filtration. The collected oil from CDOF and CDFU enters the crude oil tank.

    Process Characteristics

    Fast viscosity reduction, lowering treatment difficulty, and resolving filter media clogging issues.

    Purely physical demulsification, no addition of cationic oil-removing agents, and no generation of oily sludge.

    Effective recovery of crude oil, increasing the oil recovery rate.

    Modular equipment installation, small footprint, significantly reducing infrastructure investment.

    Fully automated and informatized operation, capable of remote monitoring, reducing labor costs.

    Stable process operation, strong shock resistance, able to withstand fluctuations of 10% to 150%.

    Pressurized equipment operation, safe, environmentally friendly, stable, and low maintenance costs.

    Process Index

    Oil Content (ppm)≤10
    Polymer content (ppm)≤50

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