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Fracturing Flowback Fluid Treatment Process

Product Detail

    Process Introduction

    After hydraulic fracturing flowback fluid is returned to the surface, it enters a collection pond/tank where, through gravitational settling, coarse solid particles such as sand are removed. Subsequently, it is pumped to the CDOF (Chemical Deep Oxidation and Flocculation) unit for deep oxidation and viscosity reduction. Prior to entering the CDOF unit, a catalyst is injected to enhance oxidation efficiency. The flowback fluid, after breaking the gel, undergoes flocculation with a dedicated coagulant in the CDFU (Chemical Dissolved Air Flotation) unit. The sludge from both CDOF and CDFU units is dewatered using a stacked spiral press, and the discharged wastewater is returned to the collection pond/tank. The produced water from the CDFU unit is directed to a filter, ensuring that the filtered water meets the requirements for reuse.

    Process Flow

    Process Characteristics

    • The process flow is concise, and the equipment is modular, suitable for vehicle transportation and on-site operations.

    • CDOF is a patented equipment of the company, featuring rapid and thorough oxidation for quick breaking of gels and viscosity reduction.

    • Effectively removes calcium, magnesium ions, and boron ions, resulting in a significant reduction in sludge volume.

    • Short residence time (1/5 compared to traditional methods) and a small footprint (1/3 compared to traditional methods).

    • The equipment operates in a closed manner, ensuring safety and environmental protection, and can achieve full automation.

    Application Case


    Treatment of Produced Water in Karamay Oilfield in Xinjiang and Daqing Oilfield


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