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Walnut Shell Filter

Product Detail

    Product Introduction

    A new generation of highly efficient walnut shell filters has been developed specifically for the filtration requirements of petrochemical and other oil-containing wastewater treatment. This filter utilizes walnut shells with strong adsorption capabilities, stable chemical properties, high strength, and excellent wear resistance as the filter medium. It can be used as a single stage or in series to ensure water quality. It is an ideal equipment for oil field oil production wastewater treatment, petroleum refining, petrochemicals.

    Product Parameter

    Handling capacity(Q)


    Medium temperature(℃)


    System Depressurization(MPa)


    Backwash water strength(L/m2·s)


    Water intake index

    Oil content:≤80mg/l


    Effluent index

    Oil content:≤10mg/l


    Product Feature

    • Strong adsorption capacity, high pollutant interception.

    • Oil-resistant, effectively removes both oil and suspended solids.

    • Easy regeneration, no additional chemicals required for backwashing.

    • Can be used in series or parallel configurations.

    • Automatic operation, can be controlled on-site or remotely.

    Application Case

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