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KFM Activated Filter Media Filter

Product Detail

    Product Introduction

    The new activated filter media is an active medium of silicic acid material, after 60 processes of manufacturing and super hydrophilic modification technology, the melting point is 1200℃, the specific gravity is about 1.25, odorless, insoluble in water.

    The filter media has high filtration precision, low resistance, stable effluent, strong anti-pollution, easy to clean and long service life.

    Handling capacity(Q)


    Medium temperature(℃)


    System Depressurization(MPa)


    Backwash time


    Water intake index

    Oil content:≤50ppm


    Effluent index

    Oil content:≤6ppm


    Median particle size:≤1.5μm

    Product Feature

    1. The surface is negatively charged and adsorbed, self-sterilizing, non-binding, easy to wash

    2. Large surface area, activated molecular sieve structure, high filtration accuracy, good effluent water quality

    3. Through the gradation of filter materials with different particle sizes, the skid-type filter filled with KFM active filter material can achieve two levels of effluent water quality: grade III coarse filter effluent water quality and grade II fine filter effluent water quality.

    4.Excellent wear resistance of filter media, a long lifespan, low operation and maintenance costs.

    Application Field

    Oilfield/offshore platform production water treatment, refining and other chemical wastewater filtration, other sewage filtration fields

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