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Heterogeneous Catalyst

Product Detail

    Technolical Introduction

    The company's proprietary technology integrates various active metal oxides (including precious metals), high-porosity micro-pore shaping technology, hydrophilic modification for pollution resistance, anti-blocking, and other technologies into a single system.

    Product Parameter



    Pore volume(ml/g)


    Specific surface area(㎡/g)


    Loose density(t/m³)







    Gray sphere

    Service life(year)


    Technological Advantage

    (1) Utilizing various transition metal oxides and precious metals as catalytic components, displaying exceptional adaptability and high catalytic activity towards different wastewater types.

    (2) Utilizing catalyst loading and segmented precise temperature control sintering technology to ensure the active group and high strength while reducing the loss rate to ensure the stability of the effect;

    (3) Utilizing high active component material as the catalyst carrier,special microporous shaping technology to achieve a high specific surface area. This results in excellent loading effects for the catalyst, leading to a fast and highly efficient catalytic reaction rate.

    (4) Catalytic ozone efficient conversion production •OH, oxidation efficiency than the traditional ozone catalytic oxidation increased by 2 to 5 times.

    (5) Utilizing atomic deposition to modify the catalyst technology, the catalyst carrier exhibits super hydrophilicity, the catalyst is less prone to contamination, scale and blockage, and it's available for long-term operation.

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