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Advanced catalytic oxidation process of ozone is introduced

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Ozone, with a REDOX potential of 2.07V, is an oxidizing agent with strong oxidizing ability. It can react with organic matter with unsaturated functional group in wastewater, reducing the toxicity of organic matter and improving its biodegradability.

Ozone oxidation technology is simple, the treatment time is short, and does not produce residue, generally does not produce secondary pollution. However, the oxidation capacity of ozone is limited and has strong selectivity, if a variety of pollutants exist, ozone will preferentially react with pollutants with fast reaction rate, and some difficult to degrade substances and small molecular organic acids can not be removed by a single ozone oxidation process. In addition, the low utilization rate of ozone and the large energy consumption of the system also hinder the further development of ozone technology.

Ozone catalytic oxidation technology is under the action of catalyst, through catalytic ozone oxidation reaction, can completely degrade or transform the difficult to degrade organic components in sewage in a short time, so as to achieve the purpose of purifying water. Catalytic ozonation technology is a new water treatment technology for the purpose of enhancing the oxidation performance of ozone and improving the utilization efficiency of ozone. This technology can reduce the activation energy of the reaction or change the reaction course by using the catalyst to cooperate with ozone oxidation, so as to achieve the purpose of deep oxidation and maximum removal of organic pollutants. More hydroxyl radicals with high REDOX potential are generated through catalyst strengthening, which makes the organic pollutants completely degraded. The organic pollutants in water can be oxidized and decomposed easily by complexing reaction with catalyst. The ozone and organic matter are enriched, thus speeding up the oxidation and decomposition rate of organic matter.

CDOF-Cyclonic Dissolved Ozone Flotation unit, the company's patented technology, integrated ozone multiple catalytic oxidation technology, hydraulic cavitation technology and swirling air flotation technology, for the domestic original with the international leading level of efficient oxidation and gas flotation integrated device. It can efficiently and quickly remove many pollutants such as petroleum, suspended matter, colloid, COD and bacteria in sewage. The device is composed of oxygen generation system, ozone generation system, ozone high-efficiency dosing system, multiple catalytic reaction system and swirl dissolved gas flotation system.

CDOF technology principle

Ozone catalytic oxidation process is short, simple equipment, small and compact processing unit, small footprint, less electrical equipment, low power consumption, low operating costs, easy to operate and can be automatically controlled, simplifying the requirements for on-site operation. When the water quantity and quality change, the water quality and quantity can be adjusted, the adaptability is strong, and the impact load resistance is strong. It can be combined with other technologies (such as biochemical method) to give full play to their respective advantages and further improve the treatment effect.

CDOF application Case (Treatment of landfill leachate)

Applied to a landfill leachate treatment plant:

Processing scale: 300m3/d,
Ozone production: 8kg/h,
MBR effluent: COD≤1300mg/L
CDOF effluent: COD≤400mg/L
Color ≤30, no odor

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