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Emulsified wastewater treatment process

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What is emulsified wastewater? Emulsified wastewater is a type of industrial wastewater that is difficult to treat. It mainly originates from industries such as mechanical processing, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The water contains a large amount of harmful substances such as oils, surfactants, and organic solvents. If discharged directly without treatment, it can cause serious harm to the environment and human health.

What are the main characteristics of emulsified wastewater? The traditional treatment methods for emulsified wastewater include physical-chemical methods, biochemical methods, adsorption methods, membrane filtration methods, etc. (1) Physical-chemical + biochemical method: This method is suitable for places with low emulsified wastewater concentration and large volume. Its advantages include low operating costs and good water quality; however, the initial investment is high, and operational management is relatively complex, requiring skilled personnel. (2) Physical-chemical + adsorption method: This method is suitable for most emulsified wastewater. Its advantages lie in its strong applicability and simple operation; however, the need to replace activated carbon filter media after saturation increases operational costs. (3) Physical-chemical + membrane filtration device: This method is an emerging technology in China and is applicable to most emulsified wastewater. Its advantages include good water quality and easy management; however, the initial investment is high, and handling concentrated liquids and backwash water can be challenging, with pores prone to blockage.

What are the new technologies for treating emulsified wastewater? To address the challenges in treating emulsified wastewater, ScienceCore Technology utilizes the patented Cyclone Dissolved Air Flotation Unit (CDFU) equipment, which efficiently achieves oil-water separation, effectively removes emulsified oil, and ensures stable compliance for discharge. The CDFU equipment integrates cyclonic centrifugal separation technology, ultrafine bubble generation technology, and dissolved air flotation technology. Through the organic combination of multiple technologies, it efficiently and rapidly separates pollutants such as oil, emulsified oil, and suspended solids in wastewater.

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