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A world-class water treatment partner, Sinokle joins hands with partners to create an environmentally friendly future

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In recent years, environmental protection has gradually become one of the focuses of global attention. As a leading company in the field of environmental protection technology, Sinokle has been committed to developing innovative water treatment technologies, providing reliable solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and resource utilization. In this process, Sinokle has worked closely with many partners to jointly promote the development and application of environmentally friendly technologies.

As of 2024, Sinokle has cooperated with large Chinese state-owned enterprises or listed companies in China such as Sinopec, China National Petroleum Corporation, CATL, Haike, CNOOC, China Railway Group, and Yanchang Petroleum.

Overseas countries and projects that Sinokle cooperates with: Bangladesh, Chad, Uzbekistan, Congo, etc.

2015 Iran Yadav sewage treatment project (Coagulation Deoiler + CDFU): 7200m3/d

2022 CNPC Africa Chad Refinery Coking Acidic Water Treatment (KHC Coagulation Deoiler): 480m3/d

2022 Uzbekistan Refinery Circulating Water Deoiling Treatment (Coagulation Deoiler): 17000m3/d

2023 Republic of the Congo Kayo Oilfield Production Water and Fracturing Flowback Fluid Deep Treatment (CDFU + CDOF + KFM): 4500m3/d

As a partner, Sinokle insists on continuous innovation in the field of petroleum wastewater treatment. The cooperation with Sinokle covers multiple fields, including the research and development, production and sales of wastewater treatment equipment. Both parties are committed to building efficient and environmentally friendly water treatment equipment and providing customers with comprehensive solutions.

During the cooperation process, Sinokle not only provided advanced technical support and professional training, but also jointly carried out marketing activities with various partners, which enhanced the visibility and influence of both parties in the industry and contributed to the world's environmental protection industry. . The cooperation between the two parties not only deepens their cooperative relationship, but also sets a good example of cooperation for other companies in the industry.

In the future, Sinokle will continue to work closely with its partners to explore more innovative water treatment technologies, contribute to the development of environmental protection, and jointly create a better environmental future.

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