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New Technology for Oily Wastewater Treatment to Supports Environmental Protection Development

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Oil depot wastewater refers to the wastewater generated during the storage, transportation, and processing of petroleum, mainly including sewage separated from crude oil and wastewater generated from tank areas, pipelines, workshops, tank cleaning, etc. It contains a large amount of petroleum substances, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, and other harmful substances, which pose serious threats to the environment and human health.

The difficulties in treating oil depot wastewater mainly include high levels of dissolved organic matter, suspended solids, and heavy metals, as well as complex treatment processes and high treatment costs.

Traditional oil depot wastewater treatment processes mainly include physical and chemical treatment, biological treatment, and chemical treatment. Physical and chemical treatment methods include precipitation, filtration, adsorption, oxidation, etc. Biological treatment mainly utilizes microorganisms to degrade organic matter. Chemical treatment achieves oil-water separation and pollutant precipitation by adding chemicals. However, traditional processes suffer from low treatment efficiency, high equipment investment, and operating costs.

In recent years, a new oil depot wastewater treatment technology has emerged—membrane separation technology. Membrane separation technology utilizes specific membranes as filtration media to separate harmful substances such as organic matter and heavy metals from wastewater, thereby achieving purification and recycling of wastewater. Compared to traditional processes, membrane separation technology, although not using chemicals, offers good treatment effects but suffers from drawbacks such as susceptibility to clogging and high replacement costs.

To address the challenges in oil depot wastewater treatment, Keleer Technology combines its experience and technology in treating oily wastewater and utilizes core equipment such as CDFU (cyclone dissolved air flotation unit), coalescing oil removal device, and CDOF (ozone advanced catalytic oxidation air flotation unit) to effectively solve the problems associated with oil depot wastewater treatment.

The characteristics of this set of oil depot wastewater treatment process are as follows:

Strong impact resistance, high efficiency, stable effluent, thoroughly solving the problem of oil depot wastewater discharge. Short process flow, mainly based on pure physical methods, stable effects, less sludge, environmentally friendly technology. Fully automated closed operation, small footprint, less labor and maintenance, convenient operation. Multiple domestic leading patented technologies, advanced technology. Its compact design, automated control, and efficient separation technology provide customers with high-level solutions for oil depot wastewater treatment.

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